Does it feel like your communications are getting “lost in translation”?

We all mis-communicate every day in large or small ways, often without even realising.

You’ve explained it over and over again, but you might as well be talking to a wall. They still don’t get it, and they’re still not getting you what you need. You’re beginning to feel like you’re not even speaking the same language. You might just be on to something.

Each of us has different thinking preferences. These preferences affect how we prefer to communicate and be communicated with, and they can also influence the kinds of professions and jobs we gravitate towards.

In this How-To Guide you’ll get some quick tips to help you communicate with different thinkers based on the Whole Brain® Model:

  • A Quadrant: “Just the Facts”
  • B Quadrant: “What’s the Plan?”
  • C Quadrant: “Show me you care about me”
  • D Quadrant: “What are the possibilities?” 

No matter how you prefer to think, the key to getting your point across quickly and being heard in the way you intended is to communicate with your audience’s preferences in mind.

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