Stretch your thinking for broader perspective in crisis decision-making.

Our research has shown that decision-making requires breadth of thinking to ensure you cover all of your bases. In times of great stress or uncertainty, we tend to rely on one or two primary approaches (often our strongest preferences but not always).

It is important to put together a cognitively diverse crisis team to ensure you have access to broad perspective, especially as you make decisions.

Those of you who use the HBDI® Assessment and Whole Brain® Thinking Model already have many tools at hand to facilitate the formation of that team. For those who aren’t familiar with the Whole Brain® Thinking Model, you can watch our introduction video here.

Even with a cognitively diverse team, it is all too easy in the pressure of a crisis to slip into making decisions with a unidimensional approach.

Use this Analysing Business Decisions ThinkAbout™ tool to prompt your thinking to visit each of the four quadrants, ensuring a much better outcome!

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